Patricia Walkow

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Life Lessons From the Color Yellow

Life Lessons From the Color Yellow

Life Lessons From the Color Yellow
Published by Patricia Walkow
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Life Lessons From the Color Yellow is a memoir of events and people who influenced the author's life. As the author was writing this collection of stories, the color yellow emerged as an important element, much to her surprise. The tales recall watershed moments, pivotal events, and memorable people. It is an unusual memoir in that it does not follow a long arc of life events, but rather, highlights only the important ones...the ones that left an impression and taught her something of value.

The lessons she learned from the color yellow came from various sources: an elderly gardener, a dog standing beside a yellow wall, her mother's kitchen, an estate sale, a woman who always wore yellow, and so much more. From betrayal to love, from heartbreak to happiness, and from memoir to essay - yellow is there.

130 pages | 979-8449174451 | February 23, 2023