Patricia Walkow

Award Winning Author

Kale is a Four Letter Word

Kale is a Four Letter Word

Kale is a Four Letter Word
Published by Artemesia Publishing, LLC
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Patricia Walkow’s stories in this anthology:
Introduction / The Kale Virgin / Kale Farewell (with Chris Allen)

Kale has invaded our culture as the go-to food for healthy living, appearing everywhere on restaurant menus, in grocery stores, and in beauty products like soaps and scrubs. It’s in salads and sandwiches, on pizzas, in soups and stews, and even salted as chips.

For many, it shouts, “Eat me. I’m good for you.” For others, the vitamin load and beneficial fiber cannot outweigh the bitterness and texture of this member of the cabbage family. For those people, kale has ignited a passionate response, often reflected in internet memes and T-shirt slogans.

This collection of short stories shows kale in a new light. Some stories present the perspective of those who introduce kale to their spouses and the reaction of those who are so targeted. A couple of tales are horror stories about kale’s effect on life; another one describes a speculative history of kale; one is a murder mystery where kale plays an unusual role; and one is a fantasy about kale’s rivalry with another popular, competing vegetable, cauliflower.

This book also has delicious recipes that feature kale as the primary ingredient. A word of caution, though. One recipe was written by someone with a novel approach to cooking kale.

Recognition and Awards:
Colorado Independent Publishers Association, 1st place
Military Writers Society of America, Silver Medal
New Mexico Press Women, 1st place, Editing



135 pages | 9781951122096 | September 1, 2020